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  • Our Mission
    Sustainability is at the absolute core of Nana's Bakery and how we choose to operate while continuing to grow and develop our business. We remain committed to making greener choices, reducing waste, and sourcing the best locally produced ingredients where possible. Not only are we constantly learning new ways to improve, but we also practice them and make them part of who we are. Reducing waste: Where possible we are committed to reducing all possible food waste in Nana's Bakery. We order our raw materials in larger quantities thus reducing the number of deliveries required. All stock is rotated and traced through the line of production.... this insures there is no stock going to waste. Packaging: Most of our orders are picked and placed into stackable plastic containers. These are continually washed and reused. We parchment line and reuse our cardboard boxes. All unusable packaging from goods inwards gets separated and recycled. Sourcing ingredients: We source our ingredients locally where possible. Not only does this reduce our carbon footprint it also supports other local businesses. We become a network of people that help each other. Transport of goods: Deliveries are made in the most efficient manner possible. Each day we carefully plan our delivery routes which reduces our carbon footprint and time spent on the road. Our vans are also remapped to 'ECO MODE', this saves up 14% on fuel while vastly improving the efficiency of the engines. Energy usage: To save energy we have switched all our lighting to L.E.D. and make sure lights and other electrical equipment are fully turned off when not in use. We get all our equipment checked and maintained to ensure its longer life so that they run more efficiently. While the ovens are hot, we try to maintain that heat and reduce the amount of time the oven is turned on. We partner with green energy providers and are currently working with the landlord of our building to secure solar panels on the roof of our unit. Staff empowerment: As much as we look after the environment around us, we are also committed to looking after our staff. We do this by creating an accepting workspace that is free of all prejudice. We strive to make Nana's Bakery a place where all people feel happy and safe to work and express who they are. We encourage development by providing training and access to online courses. Going forward: We know we are doing a lot of things right at Nana's Bakery but going forward we will be looking to engage more to our local community development group. We want to give opportunities for employment to people that may not find it elsewhere and continue to provide a space that is safe for them to do so. Our building is also fully wheelchair accessible. We will also look to work with local schools to offer work experience for any young budding bakers and businesspeople out there. Our Commitment: Recognizing the responsibility we have to care for our planet, we commit to further reducing our carbon footprint. We will do this over time by replacing end of life equipment with the most energy efficient possible. All decisions made will be for our better long-term future.
  • Do we do Gluten Free bakery range?
    We don't do GF because of cross contamination from flour in the air and that would require an independant kitchen. I shall have a full answer shortly.
  • How should I store Nana's Bakery treats?
    All our product range can be stored ambient or chilled (thought chilled is not required). I will give more detail abotu this shortly.
  • Do you do birthday or wedding cakes?
    No, but we can recommentd some people that do. More to follow.
  • How do I set up an account.
    Cash or on account. I will give more details on this shortly.
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